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Flow Control Industries manufacture the first fully modulating pressure independent liquid flow control valve. This product revolutionizes the design of traditional HVAC piping system designs by eliminating the need for ancillary control valves and complicated piping schemes. It improves performance by allowing the system to be in dynamic balance under all conditions and reduces energy consumption associated with system pumping requirements and chiller operation.

Rapid Engineering is the premier manufacturer of industrial quality air handlers and custom built process equipment. Rapid is considered the pioneer and innovator in the direct gas fired segment of the industrial HVAC market. They hold six US patents and developed the first DDC control system in their field. The product line includes both direct and indirect gas fired air handlers and air rotation units.

Novel Aire’s series of dehumidifiers and 100% make-up air units revolve around the basic concept of combining desiccant dehumidification with DX cooling to provide energy efficient dehumidification. NovelAire has developed a proprietary desiccant wheel that is the heart of the DES/DX series. The NovelAire DES wheel is optimized to dehumidify low temperature, high humidity air (such as that coming for an evaporator coil) utilizing low temperature regeneration heat. With this breakthrough waste condenser heat can be used to effectively reactivate the DES wheel and deliver low dewpoint air. Compared to traditional dehumidification systems that overcool the air followed by reheat, the DES/DX concept can realize up to 40% operating cost savings.

Fresh-Aire UV Building engineers around the world trust Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series UVGI products. We have years of experience engineering practical solutions for all commercial, industrial, and hospitality applications. Offering more than just great equipment, Fresh-Aire UV will assist you throughout the process to design a solution that fits your company's particular needs. From the U.S. military to Burger King Restaurants, organizations large and small come to Fresh-Aire UV for unmatched innovation and value.

Solar Panels Plus Provides APRICUS solar water heating systems - including solar thermal collectors using evacuated tube technology - to produce hot water for residential and commercial applications. They also have their own line of SRCC-Certified collectors that lead the industry in performance and efficiency. SPP uses solar thermal energy to power solar thermal air conditioning systems and distributing solar PV for residential and commercial applications. Their state-of-the-art products are aesthetically appealing, designed for quick and easy installation for and structure and to promote the use of solar energy - a clean, limitless, and free energy source used to decrease utility expenses and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.

Yazaki Produces a series of natural gas fired and water fired absorbtion chillers. While the first cost often exceeds that of traditional vapor compression chillers, energy costs repay the premium in the first few years of operation.

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