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  1. Chicago’s new Midway Airport HVAC System

    August 28, 2014

    Chicago's new Midway Airport HVAC system performance exceeds design criteria and delivers significant energy cost savings using Flow Control Industries, Delta P valves.

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  2. Rapid Engineering system rejuvenates 50 year-old Indiana facility

    McGill Manufacturing, based in Valparaiso, IN, had a problem typical of 50 year-old facilities. The steam heating system, that served both office and 166,000 square foot plant, was antiquated and in need of major repairs. The company could have taken the easy way out by making repairs to the boiler. Instead, they asked Air Comfort Corporation (,  based in Broadview, IL, to come up with a new system design. Design considerations included reducing operating cost savings, improving the indoor air quality that affected both employees and process systems, and implementing an automated control system.

    Air Comfort's solution was to install six Rapid Engineering, 4000 Series, direct-gas-fired air handlers to provide both heat and ventilation. "It has made a world of difference in the comfort level inside the plant," said Ron Simko, McGill's Plant & Safety Engineer. "We approached the purchase from both a short and long term view."

    The new system gently tempers just enough outdoor air, which is then mixed with existing room air, to maintain a slight positive building pressure. This assures very even temperature distribution. When exhaust systems cycle on, the DDC control system automatically increases the percentage of outdoor air to satisfy the amount being exhausted and hold the building pressure. This ability minimizes airborne contaminants by increasing exhaust system efficiency and enhancing the overall ventilation of the plant.

    Air Comfort's vice-president, Blaz Lucas, says, "With this system, McGill receives heating efficiency that is 20-40% better than any other heating system. This is just one example of the new technologies that Air Comfort is providing to its customers."

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